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Infragistics UltraWebGrid

The Infragistics UltraWebGrid is a capable control that can manage both lists of read-only data and database entry very well. It has a somewhat unique "look," which I happen to like.

UltraWebGrid does an admirable job for simple database editing. The only events I needed to handle were the insert, update, and delete events. Uniquely, UltraWebGrid supports a special place to add items within the DataSet; using it allows you to show one grid that can support multiple tables.

This control really shines in its feature completeness. In addition to the smart resizing, column re-ordering, hierarchical data support, and Outlook-style group-by features, UltraWebGrid allows you to tune the grid to either strong client control or server-side functionality. By tuning the control to handle events on the client-side, it will be more suited to low-bandwidth situations; tuning it to the server-side allows for more interaction with the server code.

Figure 4 Figure 4 Infragistics UltraWebGrid

The documentation was first rate. Not only does the software include excellent coverage, but Infragistics also nailed the MSDN integration. The documentation has a complete table of contents, great links between topics, and its own filter so I can search for items that only relate to their documentation. This is what documentation is supposed to look like.

Clearly, this is my favorite of all the grids. UltraWebGrid has the most features, the best documentation, and the price doesn't raise any eyebrows. If I had to choose just one of these tools, this is the one I'd grab.

Infragistics does not sell the control alone, but only as part of its complete .NET solution. The cost for the entire suite is $499. There are no runtime license costs.

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