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DevExpress ASPxGrid

The ASPxGrid looks and feels like a WinForms DataGrid. You'll find it similar to rich client data grids.

This grid seems to be made to do database editing. ASPxGrid just looks and feels right for the job. The toolbar let me insert, update, and delete records. Since this is ASP.NET, and DataBinding is not dual directional, it's still necessary to write code to handle each of these operations, but the only code required was the ADO.NET code.

The feature set is rich, with a user interface that your users will find intuitive. It certainly has the base criteria covered, including smart sorting (including staying on the current record after the sort), sizable and orderable columns, and Outlook-style grouping support. In addition to these staples of the other DataGrids, the ASPxGrid control has some other niceties: user-changeable paging size, searching support, and a status bar.

Figure 3 Figure 3 DevExpress ASPxGrid

The documentation itself is clear and thorough, including plenty of examples. The MSDN integration has filters for the ASPxGrid documentation alone, making searching easy. The only drawback is a serious one, though it might sound minor; there is no table of contents within the MSDN integration. Finding related topics or task-oriented help was difficult, and could significantly slow down development time.

ASPxGrid combines great features with a great price. Its only blemish is the documentation.

ASPxGrid is $149.99, including full source code.

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