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From the author of How Do You Print Shipping Labels?

How Do You Print Shipping Labels?

At the end of your auction, or when someone purchases a fixed-price item, you can print a shipping label for this item from within eBay. Shipping costs for the label are charged to your PayPal account.

The easiest way to print a shipping label is to go to your My eBay All Selling page and navigate to the Sold section. Go to the item you want to ship and click the Print Shipping label option.

When the Print a Shipping Label page appears, confirm the selected Carrier (this should be the carrier you selected when creating the item listing) and pull down the Service list to select the appropriate shipping service (Figure 5). Select any Delivery Options, as desired, enter the total weight of the package (including the shipping container) into the Total Package Weight boxes, and then click the Calculate button. This calculates your actual shipping costs.

Figure 5 Printing a pre-paid shipping label.

Next, pull down the Mailing Date list and select the day you’re shipping the item. Pull down the first Printing list and select the desired label or printing option. Then pull down the second Printing list and select whether or not you want to print a receipt with the label.

If you want to display the shipping cost on the label, check the Show Postage Cost on Label option. (Most sellers don’t.) Confirm or edit the Ship From and Ship To addresses, as necessary, then click the Pay and Print button. When the next screen appears, make sure you have a blank label or appropriate paper in your printer and then click the Print Label (Figure 6).

Figure 6 Getting ready to print your label.

The labels you print from eBay print on half a normal 8 1/2x11-inch sheet of paper. A better alternative is to print on a two-per-page weatherproof self-adhesive mailing label, such as the Avery #5526 or any generic equivalent.

After you’ve affixed the label, your work is done. You can drop your package in the mail (if you’re shipping via USPS) or drop it off at the nearest office for your selected carrier. You don’t have to wait in any long lines to pay for the shipping—you did that when you created your label.

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