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Other Useful iPad 2 Accessories

While protecting your iPad 2 is certainly an important consideration, in conjunction with the iPad 2's launch, Apple (along with several third-party companies) introduced multiple (optional) accessories, designed to add features and functionality to the device.

Apple's Dock ($29.00), for example, serves as a stand (with the iPad 2 in its vertical position), while allowing you to connect the USB cable from the device to your computer for syncing or charging.

If you want to share exactly what's on your iPad 2 screen with an audience or group, by mirroring the tablet's display on a high-definition television or monitor, all you need is Apple's $39.00 Digital AV Adapter, which goes from the dock connector port of the bottom of the iPad 2, and plugs into any HDMI-compatible display device, with no configuration whatsoever.

The Digital AV Adapter works only with the iPad 2 and mirrors exactly what appears on the iPad 2's screen, allowing you to effortlessly give presentations or view videos or photos on a larger screen. A separate HDMI cable (of any length) will be required. The Digital AV Adapter allows you to charge your tablet while it's in use. This accessory works with Apple's Keynote app, for example, which allows you to create, edit, and make presentations using digital slides. It's a powerful, $9.99 app that's fully compatible with PowerPoint (PC or Mac) and Keynote for the Mac.

A handful of other Apple accessories that were originally designed for the iPad, such as the Apple Wireless Keyboard ($69.00) and iPad Camera Connection Kit ($29.00), also work perfectly with the iPad 2. For more information about Apple's iPad 2 accessories, visit any Apple Store or authorized reseller, or access the Apple website.

If you want to be able to print directly from your iPad 2, the latest version of the iOS operating system offers the AirPrint feature, which works with many apps, including Safari or Pages (word processing), for example.

To utilize wireless printing from your iPad 2, however, your printer must be AirPrint-enabled. Currently, more than 19 HP laser, ink-jet, and photo printers offer this functionality. For a complete listing of compatible printers, and to learn about the AirPrint wireless printing functionality available from your iPad 2, visit www.apple.com/ipad/features/airprint.html.

Keep in mind that all optional third-party accessories that were originally designed for the iPad will work flawlessly with iPad 2, including external speakers, headphones, wireless keyboards from companies other than Apple, and car chargers, for example.

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