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Some special-purpose mobile devices incorporate printers. Examples are devices that print receipts, such as for car rental returns. Most mobile devices do not print, and for many people and many applications, this has posed a problem: People often need records of their transactions. The desire for printed output from mobile devices has spawned a variety of solutions right from the start. Initially, the iOS devices supported printing with third-party apps; however, within a relatively brief period of time, printing became an integral part of iOS.

There are three ways of printing with FileMaker Go (and many other apps). The first way is to generate a PDF file that can be sent via email, and the second is to use the printing features that have been built into iOS since version 4.2. (In fact, deep down beneath the user interface, the two methods are actually very much the same.) The third way is the FileMaker-specific method described in Chapter 10.

Just as is the case with desktop-based computers, printing is supported and implemented in the operating system, but it is up to individual applications to enable printing of their documents and data. With FileMaker, printing is one of the security settings that you can control with FileMaker Pro using the Manage, Security dialogs.

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