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What Else You'll Need to Get the Most from Your iPad 2

In addition to the iPad 2 hardware, you should seriously consider investing in one of Apple's polyurethane or leather Smart Covers ($39.00–$69.00) to protect your tablet's screen. Plus, you'll probably want some type of case, so you can safely transport your iPad 2 within a briefcase, messenger bag, or purse, for example.

Also, consider some type of horizontal stand or Apple's own iPad 2 Dock ($29.00) to hold your tablet upright while it's charging or syncing, for example. The Smart Cover acts as a stand, but only allows you to position the iPad 2 horizontally at two angles—for viewing a movie (for example), or at an angle for typing.

You may also want to invest in either Apple's own AppleCare protection for your iPad 2 (which offers two years of coverage), or purchase insurance from a third-party company, such as Worth Avenue Group (http://www.worthevenuegroup.com/ipad). For about $70.00 per year, this independent insurance from the Worth Avenue Group covers theft and accidental damage, for example, with a $50.00 deductible. It does not, however, offer unlimited technical support, like AppleCare does.

Now you're ready to visit the App Store in order to purchase and download a wide range of apps for your iPad 2, such as Pages (a word processor, compatible with Microsoft Word), Keynote (presentation software, compatible with PowerPoint), or Numbers (spreadsheet software, compatible with Excel), which are must-have apps for business people.

The free iBooks app transforms your iPad 2 into a powerful eBook reader and allows you to purchase and download a growing library of books from Apple's online-based iBookstore.

At this point, you can begin using your iPad 2 and be the envy of your friends, relatives, and coworkers who don't yet have one.

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