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What You Can Do with Your Original iPad

Now that you're armed with the latest and greatest iPad 2 technology, the question is, what should you do with your original iPad? You have several options. You can give it away, sell it, or donate it to a charity.

Within your own home, you can use your original iPad as a dedicated digital picture frame, or by downloading one of several specialized apps (use the search phrase "remote control" when visiting the App Store), use it as a dedicated universal remote control for your home theatre system, DirectTV or Tivo Premier.

As you may have discovered, the App Store and iBookstore offer a tremendous amount of iPad content designed specifically for kids—from educational apps to interactive games and digital editions of popular, full-color children's books. Thus, you might want to turn off the wireless web access of the original iPad and give the unit to your kids.

Or you can load up the original iPad with photos of your kids and family, and give the unit to your parents or in-laws to use as a digital picture frame, for example.

If you opt to sell your iPad, in addition to eBay.com or Amazon Marketplace, a handful of online-based businesses exist that allow consumers to sell used electronics, including old cell phones, Smartphones, and tablets. These companies include Gazelle.com, BuyMyTronics.com, YouRenew.com and Nextworth.com.

Several of these services will buy your original iPad outright, requiring you to ship it to the company in a prepaid and insured package before receiving payment. Depending on the model and configuration, used iPads in excellent condition are selling for between $300.00 and $500.00.

Another option is to donate your used iPad to a charity. If you're interested in donating your iPad to a worthwhile cause, visit RecyclingForCharities.com, Pcrr.com/pcsforschools.asp, ComputersWithCauses.org, Hollyrod.org, or Teachforamerica.org. Depending on which organization you donate your used iPad to, you may be eligible for a tax deduction.

Before giving away or donating your iPad, make sure you delete all of your personal apps and data. To do this, tap on the Setting icon, choose the "General" option, and then tap on the "Erase All Content and Settings" option.

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