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Adding New Apps

To get the most out of your iPad 2 after transferring your existing apps, data, and custom configurations from your original iPad, tap on the App Store icon and then the tap on the "Updates" icon that's located in the lower-right corner of the App Store screen.

Your iPad 2 will connect to the App Store, and determine whether all your existing apps are up to date in terms of having the most current version installed.

Either the message "All Apps Are Up to Date" will be displayed, or you'll have the option to update specific apps for free by following the on-screen prompts.

At this point, you can add additional apps to your iPad 2. By visiting the App Store, you'll discover hundreds of recently released, iPad-specific apps. If you're a businessperson or entrepreneur looking to get the most functionality out of your new device, some of the "must have" business-related apps you'll want to purchase and install on your new tablet include the following:

  • Pages ($9.99)—A powerful word processor designed specifically for the iPad that is Microsoft Word- and Pages for Mac[nd]compatible.
  • Numbers ($9.99)—A full-featured spreadsheet application that is compatible with Microsoft Excel and Numbers for Mac.
  • Keynote ($9.99)—A digital slide creation and presentation tool that is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote for Mac.
  • iBooks (Free)—This is a stand-alone app from Apple that transforms your iPad 2 into a powerful eBook reader and provides seamless access to Apple's iBookstore, which offers thousands of eBook titles available for instant purchase and download.
  • Free eBook content is also available. If you already have a Kindle or Nook eBook reader, you can download a free Kindle or Nook app for your iPad 2. These apps will give you access to your existing eBook library, plus allow you to read your previously purchased eBooks and/or purchase new eBooks, from either Amazon.com (with the Kindle app) or BN.com (using the Nook app).
  • Recorder HD ($1.99)—Use this app to transform your iPad 2 into a powerful digital audio recorder. You can then play back your recordings on your iPad 2, or transfer them to your PC or Mac via iTunes Sync. You can also share recordings via email or by uploading them to an online-based cloud service, such as DropBox.
  • QuickOffice Connect Mobile Office Suite for iPad ($14.99)—If you're already an avid Microsoft Office user on a PC or Mac, this suite of apps allows you to access, read, edit, share, and work with existing Microsoft Office documents and files, directly on your iPad 2.
  • FlightTrack Pro ($9.99)—For frequent travelers, this app is indispensible. It manages every aspect of your flight itineraries and informs you of delays, gate changes, and other details that will save you time and frustration when flying on any major airline.

With the release of the iOS 4.3 operating system upgrade, publishers on the App Store can now charge a recurring fee for digital content, allowing iPad 2 users to subscribe to electronic editions of their favorite newspapers and magazines.

In addition to The Daily (the first all-digital, subscription-based daily newspaper available exclusively for the iPad), iPad editions of The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, plus dozens of other major daily newspapers, as well as digital editions of popular magazines such as ESPN: The Magazine, Slate, Time, Golf Digest, GQ, Vanity Fair, National Geographic, O: The Oprah Magazine, The Economist, and Newsweek, are all currently available from the App Store. Some of these publications are offered entirely for free, or have a free digital edition trial subscription available.

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