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From the author of Publishing with CreateSpace

Publishing with CreateSpace

How exactly does CreateSpace work? While the exact process depends on the publishing solution you select, here’s what you do, in general terms.

First, you write your book. Sounds basic, but you’d be surprised how many would-be authors have an idea but haven’t translated that idea into a manuscript. Amazon can’t publish a book that isn’t written yet, so finish your writing before you log into CreateSpace.

Manuscript in hand, you’re ready to publish. Assuming you wrote your book in Microsoft Word, you have several options. (If you used a typewriter instead—what’s wrong with you? Get a computer!)

If you’re comfortable enough with the technology and know a little bit about page design, you can lay out your own book and save it in a PDF file. You upload this PDF file to CreateSpace and they do the rest—converting the PDF file into a printed product, assigning the book a unique ISBN, and making the book available for sale.

If you need some help with the page design, you can upload your Word file to CreateSpace and let Amazon’s experts do the work for you. You can choose from some stock interior designs, or (for a higher price) go with a custom design.

It’s the same thing with the book cover. You can design and upload your own cover (in PDF format), choose from several stock cover designs, or let CreateSpace create a custom cover for you.

But what if your manuscript is a little rough around the edges? CreateSpace offers several levels of editing services, from basic copyediting to full-fledged editorial review. So if you need help punching things up, CreateSpace can help. (Again, for a fee.) Just upload your Word file and CreateSpace’s editors will do their thing, returning the edited file to you for review and further work.

Finally, you might decide that you need help marketing your book; otherwise, how will anyone ever hear about it? CreateSpace provides several levels of promotional support; select what you need, then get ready to start selling.

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