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Let's Get Creative!

Now start up OpenOffice.org Writer and begin with a blank document. Click File, New and select Templates and Documents. When the Templates and Documents window opens, you'll see a number of folder icons with names like french, english, labels, and simpress. These are categories as represented on the OO Extras website.

By double-clicking the appropriate folder icon, you'll find a list of available templates. For this example, I will choose simpress. If I click the earthlight template, I see a very basic description of how this Impress template translates into an actual presentation over in the right-hand pane (see Figure 2).

Figure 2Figure 2 Selecting an Impress presentation template.

Essentially, the information consists of the size, the creation date and time, and the kind of document it represents. There may be more here, depending on what the author chose to include in the description. What would really be useful to see is a preview of the document. Here's how to do that.

Look just below the title bar on the right. You'll see two icons there, with the first one highlighted. If you move your mouse over those icons and pause, you'll see that the first is identified as Document Properties and the second as Preview. By clicking from one to the other, you can alternate from a description of the document to a visual preview. When you have selected something that suits your tastes, click Open and start building your masterpiece.

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