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Customization Still Needed

"Updates to SQL Server used to take used to take more than two hours. In contrast, with Windows 2003 clusters, the updates can now be done in less than two seconds," Beaver says.

However, no migration is a total bed of roses. Back during the year 2000, eNom dropped its Linux-based DNS Server for a custom BIND interface running on Windows.

Moreover, eNom continues to use the custom interface, even now. "DNS is our core competency," Beaver observes.

"When we first looked at W2K, we found that it couldn't scale past 200,000 domain names. So, for transferring flat zone files, we needed to write our own interface from the SQL Server back end to BIND. We then use SQL Server's built-in replication to move the files around within our database," explains Sean Muller, lead of eNom's database group.

Muller also contends that Microsoft's Authoritative DNS Server doesn't operate in realtime. "Our business is geared to realtime services. Yet we do use Microsoft DNS as our recursive server for Hotmail and internal mail."

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