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You now have a nice new counter to use to monitor an application behavior such as the error count. Of course, you'll need to test your new counter to verify that it actually works. Fortunately, you can access any counter using the Performance console.

To check the custom counter, you start the program you've created. Open the Performance console, located in the Administrative Tools folder of the Control Panel, which consists of the System Monitor and Performance Logs and Alerts snap-ins. Select the System Monitor snap-in. The right pane now contains a graphic display of some type. Delete all the current counters by using the Delete button (its icon looks like an X).

Now you need to set up the System Monitor to check your application. Add a new counter to the display by clicking the Add button (the icon looks like a plus sign). Select the application named PerfCounter in the Performance Object field and choose Error_Count from the Select Counters from List field. Figure 1 shows what your display should look like. Once you set up the monitor, click Add and then click Close.

Figure 01Figure 1 Add the performance counter to the System Monitor snap-in.

The System Monitor snap-in of the Performance console is all ready to check your application. At the application, click Test. The program will begin generating random error events. Figure 2 shows typical output.

Figure Figure 2 Use a performance counter to help detect DDOS attacks.

Detection is a good first step for dealing with a DDOS attack. Obviously, you need to remedy the problem once you detect it, which could be the topic of another long article. Most companies find ways to increase Web server capacity during a DDOS and then filter packets coming from the zombies attacking the server. Generally, you'll find that you need to work with a network administrator during the remedy phase to ensure that the DDOS attack doesn't bring your system down. Because there are so many possible solutions, I won't discuss the remedy phase in detail in this article.

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