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Using Tables

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Moving Around in a Table

You can easily move around in a table in a few different ways, depending on what you want to do. First of all, keep in mind that you can select the entire table by clicking outside the table and then clicking the table one time. This allows you to resize the table and move it around as described in the previous section.

You can also move around in the individual cells within the table. Here's how:

  1. Click outside the table and then click the table to select it.

  2. Click the desired cell. Yellow highlight appears around the cell's border so that you know the cell is selected.

  3. When a cell is selected, press the arrow keys on your keyboard to move from cell to cell.


When you drag to resize, the entire row or column will be affected, depending on which border you're moving.

You can also select cell borders and adjust them as you like. Just select the cell and then click the desired border. This action highlights the border so you can drag it as needed to change your table, as shown in Figure 3.4.

Figure 3.4Figure 3.4 You can select and drag borders in order to change a table's appearance.

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