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Putting the Decisions into the Temperature Class

Now we are still making decisions within the user interface about which methods of the temperature class. It would be even better if all that complexity could disappear into the clsTemp class. It would be nice if we just could write our Conversion button click method as

Private Sub btConvert_Click()
Dim clTemp As New clsTemp

'put the entered value and conversion request
'into the class
clTemp.setEnterTemp txTemperature.Text, opFahr.Value

'and get out the requested conversion
lbNewtemp.Caption = clTemp.getTempString

End Sub

This removes the decision-making process to the temperature class and reduces the calling interface program to just two lines of code.

The class that handles all this becomes somewhat more complex, however, but then it keeps track of what data as been passed in and what conversion must be done.

Private temperature As Single   'always in Celsius
Private toFahr As Boolean       'conversion to F requested

Public Sub setEnterTemp(ByVal tx As String, _
       ByVal isCelsius As Boolean)
'convert to Celsius and save
 If Not isCelsius Then
  makeCel tx              'convert and save
  toFahr = False
  temperature = Val(tx)   'just save temperature
  toFahr = True
 End If
End Sub
Private Sub makeCel(tx As String)
  temperature = 5 * (Val(tx) - 32) / 9
End Sub

Now, the isCelsius Boolean tells the class whether to convert and whether conversion is required on fetching the temperature value. The output routine is simply the following.

Public Function getTempString() As String
 getTempString = Str$(getTempVal)
End Function
Public Function getTempVal() As Single
 Dim outTemp As Single
 If toFahr Then          'should we convert to F?
  outTemp = makeFahr    'yes
  outTemp = temperature 'no
 End If
 getTempVal = outTemp    'return temp value
End Function
Private Function makeFahr() As Single
 Dim t As Single
'convert t to Fahrenheit
 t = 9 * (temperature / 5) + 32
 makeFahr = t
End Function

In this class we have both public and private methods. The public ones are callable from other modules, such as the user interface form module. The private ones, makeFahr and makeCel, are used internally and operate on the temperature variable.

Note that we now also have the opportunity to return the output temperature as either a string or a single floating point value and could thus vary the output format as needed.

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