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Flash Memory Card Readers

Although many laptops include a multi-card compatible flash memory card reader, older models don’t work with the popular SDHC form factor used by most consumer-level late-model digital SLR cameras, and none of the built-in models work with the venerable CompactFlash form factor still favored in pro-level digital SLR cameras. If you need a fast flash memory card reader that doesn’t need a cable, ExpressCard may be the way to go.

SDHC-Compatible Card Readers

The card readers (also referred to as adapters by some vendors) in this section also work with other popular flash memory card types such as SD, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, and xD. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for details.

CompactFlash Card Readers

ExpressCard card readers with UDMA (Ultra DMA) support for high-speed CF cards used by professional photographers include:

  • Delkin DDEXP32-CF2 (transfers up to 40MBps with high-speed CF media, supports up to UDMA 6, runs via PCIe bus)
  • Lexar LRWEXPPRBNA (runs via PCIe bus, supports up to UDMA 6 [133MBps], /34)
  • SIIG CE-000042-S2 (runs via PCIe bus, supports up to UDMA 6, /54); CD-MR0012-S1 (runs via PCIe bus, supports up to UDMA 6, /34)
  • Sonnet CFRW2X-E34 (can read from/write to two CF cards at the same time; supports Microdrive; runs via PCIe bus, supports up to 133MBps, /34)
  • Synchrotech EXP34-ADP-CF2-02 (runs via PCIe bus, transfers up to 40MBps with UDMA CF media, not compatible with Lexar’s write acceleration [WA] technology, /34)
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