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eSATA 3Gbps and eSATA RAID

Before USB 3.0 came on the scene, eSATA was the “next big thing” in high-speed external storage interfaces: eSATA blows the doors off USB 2.0, and if you have eSATA/USB 2.0 drives but have a laptop without an eSATA port, adding an eSATA interface can be a big boost to your laptop’s storage and backup performance.


The most common form factor for eSATA ExpressCards is the ExpressCard/34 design, most versions of which include two stacked ports (except as noted). Some examples include:


Some vendors prefer the wider ExpressCard/54 form factor, which enables a lower-profile connector with side-by-side eSATA ports. Some examples include:

RAID Adapters

Although many vendors make eSATA RAID adapters for desktop computers, very few are available in the ExpressCard form factor for laptop computers. These include:

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