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From the author of 5. Leave Comments on Other People's Blogs

5. Leave Comments on Other People's Blogs

Find other people who are blogging about your topic, read some of their posts, and then leave a comment. Make sure it's an intelligent, thoughtful comment that adds to the conversation. Do not leave a generic "great post" comment. That's a trick comment spammers use, and the blog platforms recognize those as spam, and block them.

Instead, respond to the post and expand on their idea, ask questions, disagree politely and explain why, or share a blog post you wrote on the subject yourself. When you fill out a comment, you'll enter your name, email, and the URL of the blog post you're referring to. By including the URL, anyone who wants to follow the thread of your conversation can follow it to your blog.

There are dozens of tips you can try to promote your blog to your different social networks, but most of them are built on the foundation of these five techniques. As you learn more about blog promotion, you can tailor your promotion strategy to your own needs and expectations.

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