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Web Sites: Will SQL 2005 Cut the Ice?

By and large, Morimoto is much less certain that SQL 2005 will make the grade on public web sites. At the moment, Long & Foster has an e-store project underway. Morimoto is eyeing a recently announced built-in encryption feature as a way of replacing a homegrown encryption component.

"We'll be using encryption for taking credit card numbers and so forth. With SQL Server 2000, though, you basically have to do the encryption yourself. Building our own encryption has been time-consuming, so we're hoping to take advantage of SQL 2005's integrated feature," Morimoto says.

Microsoft has already started to incorporate encryption into SQL 2005, according to Morimoto. Yet he doesn't foresee swapping out Long & Foster's custom encryption tool until "the second major beta release of SQL 2005 is out—probably at the end of this summer."

Morimoto perceives other major issues in the web arena, too. "Performance and security are my 'second thoughts' about SQL 2005. If you're running a public web site with a need for database scalability, there's still a compelling case to go to a different database," he contends.

"Microsoft also needs to prove it can overcome its security vulnerabilities. Fortunately, we haven't been victimized. These vulnerabilities have been highly publicized, however. I'm really hoping that, with SQL 2005, some of these doubts and questions will be erased."

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