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Reading Books with the Kindle App

Reading eBooks with the Kindle for iPhone app is similar to using iBooks. The Home page lists all the books you’ve purchased; simply tap a title to start reading that book.

Figure 5 The Kindle Home page.

To turn to the next page, swipe your finger across the current page to the left, or just tap the right side of the screen; to return to the previous page, swipe the page to the right or tap the left side of the screen.

To jump to a specific section in the book, tap the middle of the screen to display the navigation controls. Tap the contents button (looks like an open book) to display the Go To page; from here you can jump to a specific section fo the book.

Figure 6 Viewing a Kindle eBook, with navigation controls displayed.

Figure 7 Navigating via the Kindle Go To page.

To search for a specific word or phrase, display the navigation controls then tap the Search (magnifying glass) button at the top of the screen. When the Search screen appears, enter the term you’re looking for into the Search Book box, then tap the Search button. All instances of the word or phrase are now listed; tap an instance to jump to that point in the book.

One nice thing about the Kindle app is being able to order books from Amazon’s online store. Just tap the Kindle Store button at the top of the app’s Home screen; this opens the Safari browser on your iPhone and takes you to Amazon’s Kindle Store. From there you can browse eBooks by category or search for specific titles; tap a title to view that book’s product page, then tap the Buy Now button to purchase and download the book to your iPhone.

Figure 8 Shopping for eBooks in Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Whichever eBook app you choose, reading on the iPhone is fun and easy. You’ll find yourself reading more and in more places than you did before; it’s a snap to pull out your iPhone and start flipping through the virtual pages!

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