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Like this article? We recommend

Like this article? We recommend

More Security Help

More Security Help

Facebook’s help center is one of the best. Facebook has done a lot to improve security, and your search starts there:

  • Need to use an Internet café PC and want to use a One-Time Password? Navigate to this page..
  • Just how important is password security? This page has all the information.
  • Does account deactivation delete your account? This page explains the process.

IS Facebook the massive risk everyone claims it to be? I’m not sure. I made this article’s title bombastic to draw attention to the exaggerated risk. Most risks are present with email and online banking systems (impersonation, identity theft, etc.). Paper systems had people providing too much information in surveys. Phone calls still fool many people. Facebook is a risk because of the convenient access it provides to so much data. Default settings are generous, and people share too much.

Facebook has a lot of growing to do, but you can avoid risks:

  • Understand the default information sharing done by Facebook, whether through your (or your friends’) Facebook activities.
  • Understand roles and assign permissions carefully.
  • Choose friends wisely. Constrict your account and privacy settings.
  • Be sure to research security questions.

Enjoy your Facebook sessions, and don’t share too much!

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