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Pushing Objects into 3D

In the previous task, you saw that you could pull a free-standing rectangle into 3D. But now take a look at Figure 5.3.

Figure 5.3

Figure 5.3 A cube with an attached circle.

Can you pull the attached circle into a cylinder? Yes, you can. In fact, now you have two options. Because the circle is attached to an existing 3D surface, you have the option of not only pulling the circle out of the cube, but you can also push the cylinder into the cube.

Here's how:

  1. Click the Start Using SketchUp button and click the human figure that appears in the Engineering–Feet template to select it; press the Del key to delete it.
  2. Draw the cube as shown in Figure 5.3.
  3. Draw a circle on the cube using the Circle tool, as shown in Figure 5.3.
  4. Click the Push/Pull tool in the toolbar.
  5. Move the mouse cursor to the circle and press the mouse button on the circle.
  6. Drag the circle out of the cube to pull it into 3D, or push it into the cube to push it into 3D. You can see the circle pulled into 3D in Figure 5.4 and pushed into the cube in Figure 5.5.
    Figure 5.4

    Figure 5.4 Pulling a circle into a cylinder.

    Figure 5.5

    Figure 5.5 Pushing a cylinder into a cube.

  7. Release the mouse button. The cylinder becomes 3D.

Now you can both pull and push objects into 3D.

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