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From the author of Develop an Android App That Hasn’t Yet Been Developed

Develop an Android App That Hasn’t Yet Been Developed

This is still a little easier to do on the Android market than on the iPhone/iPad market, but that’s changing quickly as more and more Android apps are released. A utility type app (calculator, checkbook, etc.) has already been done in spades, and although millions of potential users exist, the chances are high that they already have this type of app. Your chances of success selling another app in this category are limited unless you have some feature that is so revolutionary that it is a “must have.” It’s better to look for an idea that hasn’t been done and has a large enough market to warrant the development of such an app.

That’s why so many developers create game apps. They have broad appeal and high potential success. You may think this is impossible, but it’s not. You can develop a game that is slightly different from other games, and it may catch on and become successful. If you can’t come up with an idea for a new game, you need to spend more time brainstorming ideas until you come up something unique. Better to sweat it up front than spend months of time coding and thousands of dollars that don’t produce any decent results.

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