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Organize Your Mail

I won't hide it: I love folders in Outlook. I have folders inside folders, and I sort all my email messages. If you've ever sent me a message, chances are I still have it. It's saved me a bunch of times over the past couple of years—and it is fun to go back and delete messages from old girlfriends. In Apps Mail you won't find folders; you'll find and use labels.

Labels are like folders, except you can add multiple labels to messages: for example, a teacher could add the label of "science class" and "cell mitosis report" to one email message.

Messages in Apps Mail are sorted by conversations and labels can be added to just messages or to entire conversations. This lets you sort, search, and identify topics by labels and colors. You can create labels, use the default labels, or do a blend of both.

You'll need to know how to create labels, add labels to messages, edit labels, and even remove labels when needed. Labels are deceptively simple, but can become cumbersome, like folders, if you don't create a strategy of how you'll organize your approach.

Another great feature in Apps Mail is the ability to create filters. Filters filter your mail. A teacher could have a filter for messages from students be assigned a label automatically, star messages with certain topics, or even forward mail with qualifying attributes to other email accounts. You'll need to know how to create, edit, and implement filters for your Apps Mail exam.

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