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Manage Contacts

Apps Mail uses a contact manager, which is really just an address book, to find people to send messages to. You can, as you might expect, create contacts, automatically add contacts when you receive email, edit contacts, search, and even print your contacts. There's nothing too surprising within the contact manager—it's a directory of where your contact information is stored, though you'll need to know how to access the contact manager and utilize it.

One feature you can expect to see on your exam (hint, hint), is how to import your contacts and groups from other mail programs. This might be useful if a school were leaving Microsoft Outlook to use Apps Mail, for example. You'll need to know how to configure CSV files and upload the information for the school. I thought it was interesting that Google limits the upload file to 3,000 contacts at one time. For a large school this might be a pain to upload contacts in batches.

Within the contact manager you can create groups for faster messaging. A school might want a group for parents, classes, teachers, staff, and coaches. Groups are a fast way of communicating with the same addresses over and over. There's a default group called "Most Contacted," which includes the 20 addresses you contact most frequently. Might be nice to remember that one.

Google Sync is the software you'll use to synchronize contacts and calendars to your mobile device. This lets you see your calendar, access meeting info, and view your contacts remotely. It doesn't, however, allow you to synchronize email with your phone—calendars and contacts only.

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