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Send and Receive Mail

What good is email if you can't send and receive it? This exam objective covers the fundamentals of composing, sending, forwarding, and receiving messages. You'll be tested on adding recipients from your address book, carbon copies, and blind carbon copies. You'll also need to know how to do all the usual stuff: format messages, save drafts, add attachments, and even undo a sent message.

One of my favorite time savers is to create an email message template. You can imagine how teachers might get the same question over and over in an email—a message template would save on the aspirin. This feature is called a "canned response" in the Google Labs, but it's a handy way to automate answers for students and parents.

Apps Mail also lets its users create a "mail fetcher" to retrieve messages for up to five different email addresses. With this setting you can configure your Apps Mail to retrieve email from other POP email accounts. You can also reply to retrieved email from other addresses within Google. That's pretty smart.

One of the best features, that works with retrieving mail from other accounts, is the ability to designate the "from addresses" of your outgoing messages to be a different domain that Google. In other words, I could configure my "from address" from my business domain even though I'm operating within Google Finally, this exam topic will test your ability to configure autoresponders, signatures, and RSS feeds. Apps Mail.

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