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2.4 Conclusion

It was my intent to demonstrate that the development and maintenance of software components is similar to other engineering endeavors, especially the analysis, design, component warehousing, construction, and maintenance of high-rise buildings. Constructing from components is more complex than building from scratch. The transition from building the same sets of software products repeatedly to componentization demands new and existing roles. It can be seen as requiring a cultural shift, but this is not really the case.

Building systems from components is a natural evolution from existing methods and can always be related to other industries. Car manufacture, electronics, construction, and many other industries' engineering disciplines have adopted—because of economics, or otherwise adapted to—componentization, and matured into more productive and profitable industries.

CBSE techniques apply equally to one or two-person projects and large inter-enterprise CBSE endeavors. The chapters in this book enlarge on this underlying concept, with a specific focus on the engineering of software.

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