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Legacy Conversion

Lowell wanted the members from the old registration system, as well as some e-mail addresses gathered over the years, to become members of the new registration system. This required two activities. The first was to inform the old members via e-mail of the changes to the registration system (User Story 4.13: Migrate Access Data). The next time that they visited our site they would need to log in. The second activity was to automatically register several hundred e-mail addresses and send the users their new passwords User Story 4.14: Legacy E-mail Addresses).

Migrate old Microsoft Access data to new system.

– Send e-mail to users confirming their memberships

One day

User Story 4.13: Migrate Access Data

Migrate legacy e-mail addresses to members.

Send e-mail to confirm membership with their password.

Inform how to easily cancel if not interested.

Three days

User Story 4.14: Legacy E-mail Addresses

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