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Twisting and Turning


One day while I was thinking about worm gears, I came up with the idea for a model that I call "Twisting and Turning" (see Figure 11.29). I was thinking about how remarkable it is that when a motor shaft is turning a worm gear, another gear can be meshed with the worm gear either horizontally or vertically, or any other way! I wanted to explore a motion that would use gears mounted parallel to the table, because most every other model I had made used gears that were upright.

Figure 11.29 Twisting and Turning is a kinetic sculpture that moves in a random pattern over a table or floor.

Further Work

Twisting and Turning moves in a strange pattern across a surface. Here are some more ideas for Twisting and Turning:

  • Attach a pen or marker to the robot and trace the path that it travels.

  • Program the robot to change motor direction every so often at random time intervals.

  • Use the second motor to create another kind of motion on top of the robot that responds to changes in light level.

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