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The RTSJ introduces several new exceptions, and some new treatment of exceptions surrounding asynchronous transfer of control and memory allocators.

The new exceptions introduced are:

  • AsynchronouslyInterruptedException: Generated when a thread is asynchronously interrupted.

  • MemoryAccessError: Thrown by the JVM when a thread attempts to access memory that is not in scope.

  • ThrowBoundaryError: A throwable tried to propagate into a scope where it was not accessible.

  • MemoryScopeException: Thrown by the wait-free queue implementation when an object is passed that is not compatible with both ends of the queue.

  • OffsetOutOfBoundsException: Generated by the physical memory classes when the given offset is out of bounds.

  • SizeOutOfBoundsException: Generated by the physical memory classes when the given size is out of bounds.

  • UnsupportedPhysicalMemoryException: Generated by the physical memory classes when the requested physical memory is unsupported.

  • IllegalAssignmentError: Thrown on an attempt to make an illegal assignment.

  • ResourceLimitError: Thrown if an attempt is made to exceed a system resource limit, such as the maximum number of locks.

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