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From the author of A USB Port

A USB Port

One of the biggest complaints that the blogosphere, and mainstream tech reviewers, have had ever since the iPad came out has been the lack of a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. The technically minded among us fantasized endlessly about all the things that could be hooked up via USB—mice, keyboards, printers, video cameras and all the rest. “The rest of us”, though, are probably just as happy not to deal with the complexities, bugs, and power drain that might have come with many such devices.

Apple’s Steve Jobs is just as famous for what he leaves out of a computer—floppy drives from recent Macintosh computers, Flash from the iPhone and iPad’s software, and the USB port from the original iPad itself—as for what he puts in. If there is a USB port in the iPad 2, expect its functionality to be restricted so as to reduce the likelihood of problems for the casual user. And don’t be surprised if the technically minded group is disappointed yet again.

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