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Is Existing Code Ready to Be Released?

List everything that has been written. This list should be exhaustive—at least at a high level—with the intent of posting it on your project web page (described later), so that everyone reading the list will know what it does and whether they would be interested in examining the code base.

Before the first open source release, the code does not have to be complete, but what is released should work and should be written in a manner that will not embarrass you or the organization. This does not mean the code needs to be perfect, but it should clearly follow industry standards and best practices.

For the code to be useful to the community, it must include documentation. This does not be extremely detailed, but must be sufficient for those who read it to be able to comprehend how to run and use your program. Include an overview of the software, what it does, how it works, and how to deploy it.

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