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From the author of 5. Identify Early Trends.

5. Identify Early Trends.

As you work with your allied industries, look for clues about what's in store for your own industry. Let's say you're in the paint supply business, selling to paint stores. You have a friend who works in ocean freight logistics, and learn that new trade tariffs and fuel price increases mean shipping costs are going up.

That means your paints will cost more, so you write a blog post discussing how the increased shipping costs will raise prices for house painters and decorators.

By identifying this early trend, you're providing extremely valuable information to your industry. The net result? You're the expert other people call when they need advice, need a (paid) speaker at the next trade event, and need to stock up on paint before prices go up.

Just by blogging about your industry and the industries you work with, you can more easily establish your expertise than you could 20 (or even 10) years ago. It costs less than conferences, is much easier than getting published, and lets you network online to create new ideas.

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