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From the author of 5.Post All Reviews Everywhere You Can

5. Post All Reviews Everywhere You Can

Good reviews can beget more positive reviews, so be sure to post a link to your positive reviews wherever you can. This means posting a comment about the review on the App Store or your product web site or Android app sites.

If you have a large group of followers on Twitter, you can send out a tweet with the link to your app review. If you have a Facebook page for your app, be sure to post a link to all reviews there as well.

Positive reviews will help you sell more apps. It takes some time and effort to gather positive reviews. Cultivate positive reviews as quickly as possible after the launch of your app to help build sales momentum.

Once you have a positive review, don't let it go to waste. Take a quote or two and then post the quote, along with the review reference, on the App Store and other app sites that you have control over. Positive external reviews, along with positive customer reviews, will help you sell more apps.

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