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Create a New Document and Start Typing

Create a New Document and Start Typing

Upon tapping the New Document icon, found either at the top-left of the Pages opening screen or in the bottom-center, select one of the 16 templates, or choose the Blank template to start typing.

When you do this, you discover the main Pages screen, which is divided into several sections. At the top are the command and menu icons. Just below them are the on-screen toolbar and ruler. The middle part of the screen is where the document you create is displayed, and in the lower-portion of the screen is the iPad’s virtual keyboard.

If you’re using an external keyboard, you can make the virtual keyboard disappear (giving you more real estate on the iPad’s screen to view your document). Simply tap the remove keyboard icon located in the lower-right corner of the virtual keyboard.

At this point, you can hold your iPad horizontally or vertically as you do your word processing. Holding it vertically gives you more on-screen real estate to view your document, but the virtual keyboard is small. Flip the iPad horizontally, and the size of the vertical keyboard increases (to about the same size as a traditional keyboard), but the amount of space for viewing your document decreases.

Regardless of how you position your iPad, you’re ready to start typing (as shown in Figure 6). Here, the toolbar and ruler have been removed in order to leave more room on the screen to view the document. (Figure 15, later in this article, shows what the screen looks like with the toolbar and ruler also displayed.)

Figure 6 The main Pages screen where you can start typing your document.

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