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How To Transfer Documents via iTunes Sync

How To Transfer Documents via iTunes Sync

To transfer any Pages or Word document from your desktop or laptop computer to the iPad via a sync with iTunes, connect the two devices via the Dock Connector to USB cable (supplied with the iPad). When iTunes is launched, select your iPad from under the Devices list displayed on the left side of the screen (shown in Figure 2).

Figure 2 Choose which device you want iTunes to connect to from the Devices list.

Near the top-center of the iTunes screen, click on the Apps icon (shown in Figure 3). Scroll down to the bottom of this iTunes screen, which is used to manage the apps on your iPad. Under the File Sharing section, on the left you see a list of app icons. On the right is a Documents window (shown in Figure 4).

Figure 3 Click on the Apps icon at the top of the iTunes screen.

Figure 4 Choose Pages from the list of apps.

From the Apps window on the iTunes screen, click on the Pages icon. Now, move to the right Documents box, and in the lower-right corner of it, click on the Add icon (as shown in Figure 5).

Figure 5 Choose which documents you want to transfer.

Select the Pages or Word files currently stored on your Mac or PC that you want to transfer to your iPad. When each is listed within the Documents box in iTunes, click on the Sync icon, located in the extreme lower-right corner of the screen. Your iPad now syncs with your desktop or laptop computer, and the documents you selected is transferred to your iPad.

From the Pages opening screen on your iPad, next tap the file open icon (the second from the left at the bottom-center of the screen), and tap the Copy from iTunes icon. Choose the file you want to load into Pages. The file is then displayed as part of the Pages opening screen on your iPad, so you can open, edit, and/or view it.

Also located at the bottom-center of the Pages opening screen are two additional icons. The third icon from the left (featuring a square with a plus sign within it) is used to create a new document from scratch using Pages, or to duplicate and edit an existing document. The right-most icon, shaped like a trash can, is for deleting Pages documents currently stored on your iPad.

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