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The Numbers Getting Started Screen

The Numbers Getting Started Screen

The best way to become familiar with what Numbers for iPad is truly capable of is to download and install the app onto your tablet. When you launch it the first time, from Getting Started screen (shown in Figure 1), tap the large spreadsheet file thumbnail that’s located in the center of the screen that says “Tap to Get Started with Numbers.” You will now have access to a sample spreadsheet that was created to showcase the app’s many features and functions, along with the finger movements needed to fully utilize this app.

Figure 1 This is the Getting Started screen.

When you first launch Numbers, the Getting Started screen automatically displays. From here, create a new spreadsheet by tapping either on the New Spreadsheet icon that’s located in the upper-left corner of the screen, or by tapping on the square icon containing a plus sign (+) that’s located in the lower-center of the screen.

In the center of the Getting Started screen are thumbnails of the spreadsheet files currently saved on your iPad. The first time you run the app, the only thumbnail displayed is for the tutorial spreadsheet file.

At the bottom-center of this screen are four command icons. The left-most icon is used to send Numbers files currently stored on your iPad to others through email, iWork.com, iTunes (via a sync), MobileMe’s iDisk, or WebDAV. Once you choose one of these options, you are asked in which format you want to save and send the file (shown in Figure 2). Your options include Numbers, PDF, or Microsoft Excel (.xls).

Figure 2 When exporting a Numbers file, you can select between three formats: Numbers, PDF, or Excel.

Located to the left of the File Export/Send command icon (at the bottom-center of the Getting Started screen) is the File Import command icon. If you’re looking to important a Numbers or Excel file from another computer or user, tap this icon and choose to access the file via a sync with iTunes or from an online file sharing service, such as MobileMe’s iDisk or WebDAV. In the future, it may be possible to receive a Numbers file as an email attachment, but as of version 1.2 of Numbers for iPad, this isn’t yet possible.

The right-most icon located at the bottom-center of the Getting Started screen looks like a trash can. It allows you to delete Numbers files currently stored on your iPad.

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