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From the author of Adding Other Special Effects

Adding Other Special Effects

Most video-editing programs let you add a plethora of other special effects to your home movies. For example, you might be able to decolorize the entire movie, add an old-timey sepia tone effect, or make the movie look like well-worn film stock. Some programs even let you play around with the movie’s time perspective by speeding up the video or slowing it down into slow motion.

You typically add special effects one scene at a time. In most programs, that means dragging and dropping a special effect onto a specific clip in the program's storyboard or timeline. The program adds the effect to that clip as it processes the video. To apply the same effect to multiple clips, just do more drag and dropping.

Figure 4 Special effects available in Windows Live Movie Maker

Some programs even let you augment or replace the movie’s original soundtrack with your choice of background music. This is typically added as a separate track to the program's timeline or storyboard; just drag and drop the chosen music file (typically in MP3 format) into the proper position. You can then adjust the sound level of the music track to best blend the background music with the foreground speaking.

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