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From the author of Adding Titles, Credits, and Overlays

Adding Titles, Credits, and Overlays

Just as important as scene transitions are the titles and credits you add before and after the main body of your movie. The main title introduces your movie to YouTube viewers. The credits provide more information about you and what you shot.

Most video-editing programs let you choose from various styles of titles and credits. You can choose the font type, size, and color; the background pattern or color; and the transition effect between the title and the main video. In most instances, this is as easy as typing your text into the program and then selecting the desired style or theme.

Of course, titles and credits don't have to be the only onscreen text in your video. You can also superimpose other text and graphics on your picture, anywhere in the course of the video. You can use these graphic overlays to identify people in the shot, the location you’re shooting, and other useful information.

Figure 3 Use a text overlay to identify people in your movie.

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