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Reuse and Recycling: Reverse Logistics Opportunities, published by the Council of Logistics Management. The book examines approaches to recycling system design, applications for inbound and outbound logistics, and the use of third-party providers. For information on ordering the book, contact the council at (630) 574-0985 or fax (630) 574-0989.

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Stock, James, a professor at the University of South Florida and author of Development and Implementation of Reverse Logistics Programs (1998, Council of Logistics Management).

Reverse Logistics Vendors

BHP Logistics Services http://www.bhplogistics.com

Burnham http://www.burnhamcorp.com

CF Reverse Logistics http://www.cflogistics.com

Federal Express Worldwide Logistics http://www.fedex.com

GATX Logistics http://www.gatx.cpm

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