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From the author of 7. Prevent Application Stories

7. Prevent Application Stories

While you’re busy concentrating on customizing how you share information on Facebook, it’s easy to overlook that your friends can also share information about you, particularly through applications and games used in conjunction with Facebook. To control this information:

  1. Display the Choose Your Privacy Settings page, and click the Edit Your Settings link located under the Applications and Websites heading.
  2. Next, look for the Info Accessible Through Your Friends setting, and click the Edit Settings button. This opens a dialog box where you can customize what types of information are shared with applications, games, and websites associated with Facebook (see Figure 7).

You also need to watch out for applications that publish stories about you in the news feed. Be sure to scan your profile to check for this anytime you use a new application, and if it’s an ongoing problem, you can customize the application’s settings to make it stop:

  1. Click the Account menu.
  2. Click Application Settings to open the Application Settings page,
  3. Click the Edit Settings link next to the app you want to control to open a dialog box of customizing settings pertaining to that particular application.
  4. You may need to click the Show drop-down menu and select Authorized to view your full list of applications on the Applications Setting page.
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