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Additional Applications

The Ubuntu desktop does not cater to everybody, so there are some classes of applications that, by default, are not installed. Some of the common ones are listed in this section.

Office and Finance

Personal Accounting

  • Windows: Quicken, Microsoft Money

  • Ubuntu alternatives: Grisbi, Gnucash


  • Windows: Intuit Quickbooks

  • Ubuntu alternative: TurboCASH

Desktop Publishing

  • Windows: Microsoft Publisher

  • Ubuntu alternative: Scribus

Project Management

  • Windows: Microsoft Project

  • Ubuntu alternative: Planner

Drawing and Modeling

Vector Drawing

  • Windows: Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape

  • Ubuntu alternative: Inkscape

3D Modeler

  • Windows: Alias Maya, Blender

  • Ubuntu alternative: Blender

Diagram Editing

  • Windows: Microsoft Visio

  • Ubuntu alternative: Dia

Games and Edutainment


  • Windows: Starry Night, Voyager III

  • Ubuntu alternative: Stellarium

Space Simulator

  • Windows: Orbiter

  • Ubuntu alternative: Celestia

Flight Simulator

  • Windows: Microsoft Flight Simulator, FlightGear

  • Ubuntu alternative: FlightGear

Typing Tutor

  • Windows: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

  • Ubuntu alternatives: Tux Typing, KTouch

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