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On the Ubuntu Desktop

Listed here are common Windows applications that already have an equivalent installed on the Ubuntu desktop. Some common alternatives are also listed.

Word Processing

  • Windows: Microsoft Word

  • Ubuntu: OpenOffice.org Writer

  • Alternative: Abiword


  • Windows: Microsoft Excel

  • Ubuntu: OpenOffice.org Calc

  • Alternative: Gnumeric



  • Windows: Microsoft Access

  • Ubuntu: OpenOffice.org Base

  • Alternative: Glom

Web Browser

  • Windows: Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

  • Ubuntu: Mozilla Firefox

  • Alternative: Epiphany


  • Windows: Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, or Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Ubuntu: Evolution

  • Alternative: Mozilla Thunderbird

Media Players

  • Windows: Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp

  • Ubuntu: Rhythmbox, Totem Movie Player

  • Alternatives: Banshee, Muine, Beep Media Player

Photo Editor

  • Windows: Adobe Photoshop or GIMP

  • Ubuntu: GIMP

Instant Messaging

  • Windows: AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, or Pidgin

  • Ubuntu: Pidgin

Voice Over IP

  • Windows: Skype or GizmoProject

  • Ubuntu: Ekiga Softphone or Skype

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