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How to Sell Your App in the Google Apps Marketplace

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More than 2 million businesses are already using Google Apps, and another 3,000 sign up each day. Martin Omander describes how to list your web-based app in the Google Apps Marketplace, where businesses can buy it with a single click.

In this article, I'll describe what the Google Apps Marketplace is and how you can make money by selling your web application in it. The second half of the article has two code examples: a simple "Hello World" app, and an example showing you how to tweak your existing web app so you can sell it in the Marketplace.

What Is Google Apps Marketplace?

More than 3 million businesses are already using Google Apps, and 3,000 more sign up each day. Signing up lets an organization run its business using Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, and Video. These applications meet the core collaboration needs of most businesses. Many organizations also need more specialized apps; for example, they may need apps for time-tracking, expense reports, payroll, workflow, project management, customer relationship management, and so on.

At the same time, app developers (maybe including you, dear reader) are building modern web-based tools to meet these needs. Once these apps are built, the app developers want to make it easy for businesses to find, buy, and use their apps.

The Google Apps Marketplace brings together businesses looking for apps and the developers providing those apps. Businesses can find new apps, buy them with a few clicks, and use them with their existing Google apps. App developers make their apps available to 3 million businesses and benefit from the Marketplace's easy installation process (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 Example of an app listing page in the Marketplace. Clicking the "Add it now" button installs the app in the user's domain.

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