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What the Client's Role in the Project Is

Educating the client about his role in the process also leads to more customer satisfaction. Make it clear to the client what he or she must supply, such as text or photographs, when it's due, and the level of quality that you need, such as the minimum resolution of photographs. Making the client understand the level of quality you need is key to protecting your reputation. If the final product has poor quality, it will always reflect back on you.

If a client supplies you with substandard text, photos, videos, graphics, and so on, you can reject the material, explain why it is unacceptable, and ask the client to replace it, or you can tell the client you will do whatever it takes to bring the quality up to the highest level possible for an additional charge of _____. If you tell the client up front that you have a responsibility to him and to your own reputation to make the final product as professional and correct as possible, you won't end up with a client who is disgruntled. And you won't end up providing services that you did not really get paid for just because you were trying to protect your own reputation.

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