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Discussing Price

At this point, the client will surely ask about price, if he hasn't already. You should pull out your list of services and rates and begin to price the items on the list that you've made with the client. If you have priced your services at different levels, as I suggested in my second article in this series, the client will find the package on your list that fits his "comfort level" price-wise and see if it is adequate for what he wants. Then he'll begin to look at the prices for the bells and whistles that he thinks he can afford.

If he wants more, but can't afford it, then you can advise the buyer that he could start with the most important items on the project list and postpone other items until he can better afford the additional expenses. If your work is impressive enough, the buyer will see the value of getting less than he wanted because he is getting better quality.

If price is an issue, you also can point out items on the project list that the buyer can do for himself to save money. For example, if the buyer wants lots of stock photos used in the project, you can tell him how to search for photos on the stock photography service you use. That way he doesn't have to pay you for your time, and he can find the exact photos that he wants. Take every opportunity to point out ways the buyer can save money by doing something himself. Chances are, the buyer will redirect the work to you eventually anyway.

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