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Opening for Business

Essentially, publishing your website is like hanging out your shingle. It means you are open for business, so don't publish your site until you are ready to start operating. Your phone isn't going to start ringing overnight, so be sure you are doing some self-promotion and that you have another form of income to fully support you while your business is growing. (It would be great if your other form of income is a job in the graphic design field.)

When the income from your graphic design business is more than your other form of income, and the time your business requires make it impossible for you to keep your other job, it's time to give up your other job and go full time in your graphic design business. All in. No safety net.

Coming Up

In the next article in this series, I reveal the secret to selling. Don't miss it.

Read part 3, The Secret to Selling Your Services to Clients.

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