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Creating Your Materials

Your printed materials should include letterhead, envelopes, business cards, sales collateral, and possibly invoices (although you could print an invoice on your letterhead). You also need to have electronic files for customer contracts (be sure to include hyperlinking rights from the client's website to your website in the contract) and nondisclosure agreements (something you can offer to sign if you are working with a customer who is afraid his idea or product will be made public before he is ready to announce it).

Your sales materials can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish and can afford. The cost to print four-color is no longer prohibitive, but your budget will determine just how elaborate you can get with your materials.

At a minimum, you should include a brochure or rate card that clearly outlines what you offer and what you charge. The format of this piece should be designed so that it is easy to mail. Because you might be changing your prices before you use all these pieces, think about a design that lists and explains all your services and has a separate piece that goes with it that has the prices. The second piece might even be something that you print in-house with a high-quality laser printer.

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