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Overview of Optimization

The final exam objective is optimizing performance. Like all of these exam objectives, you'll be tested on the very basics. You'll need to recognize optimization for campaigns versus ad groups and even website improvements. You'll likely need to recognize goals for improvements such as more clicks, traffic, and sales. This objective will also touch base on the basics of the optimization tools, such as the keyword tool, placement tool, traffic estimator, and reporting tools to name a few.

Optimizing AdWords Campaigns

Now you're into the meaty stuff. You'll be tested on how to optimize keywords, ad text, language and location targeting, display ad placements, bids and budgets, ad scheduling for times and networks, and some general best practice optimization. For this objective Google does offer a free e-learning session.

Optimizing Websites and Landing Pages

It's great to advertise and get clicks, but if the landing page is missing, hard to follow, or not related to the ad, it's a waste of money. This objective guides advertisers through website optimization with some best practices for landing pages. You'd think this would be common-sense stuff for people spending cash on ads, but apparently not.

Google Website Optimizer and Using Google Website Optimizer

These two closely related exam objectives will challenge your experience with Google Website Optimizer. You'll be tested on configuring the tool, running experiments, using managed accounts, and tracking conversions.

Optimizing for Greater Conversions

Google wants you and your clients to sell lots of stuff so you'll keep buying ads. This objective supports that belief and tests your comprehension of the conversion tools, metrics for conversions, and conversion tracking.

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