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Overview of Google Analytics

The next exam objective is Google Analytics. You'll use Google Analytics to determine how well your ads are performing and to set goals for improvement.

Of course you'll need to understand the basics of analytics, how it works, how to configure analytics, and how to track various campaigns with the software.

Getting Started with Google Analytics

This objective digs a little deeper and will test you on managing multiple Google Analytics accounts and tracking code problems. You'll also need to understand how e-commerce reporting works with analytics.

Google Analytics Goals and Funnels

A goal is a website objective, such as page views, the time a visitor spends on your site, or a sale. A funnel is the corresponding actions that visitors take to complete the goal. Google Analytics allows you to identify goals and funnels and then it'll track them for you. You'll need to know how to configure goals and funnels for websites.

Google Analytics Filters

There are loads of things you can create with Google Analytics and with almost too much information. Filters are a great way to screen out information you don't want to see and focus on your most important information. For this exam, you'll need to know how to access the predefined filters, configure your filters, and troubleshoot filters.

Overview of Google Analytics Reporting

Through a dashboard, you can configure several categories of reports and run reports automatically. You'll need to understand what the reports do, recognize the types of reports given a situation, and create custom reports. You can watch a video on this objective.

Google Analytics Report Types

More info on reports? Yep. You'll create loads of reports with Google Analytics, so it's expected that you'll be tested on these reports. You need to understand and configure reports on visitors, traffic sources, content, and e-commerce activity, and create custom reports. You will also be tested on how to troubleshoot reports when things don't work as expected.

Related Google Analytics Tools and Services

This brief objective touches on the Google Analytics Benchmarking Service and the Website Optimizer. You'll need to be topically familiar with these tools and how you can use them to improve performance for your company and clients.

Driving Improvements with Google Analytics Data

What's the purpose of studying your performance if you don't do anything with the data? That's what this objective is all about[md]implementing improvements. You'll be tested on improving revenue, website content based on goals, and advertising initiatives.

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