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From the author of Coordinating Your Web Marketing Activities

Coordinating Your Web Marketing Activities

Whatever web marketing strategy you employ, you need to ensure that you’re sending the same message and image to all your potential customers. You don’t want to present one image on your web page, another in your advertising, and yet another on your Facebook page. Your message and image should be consistent, no matter where customers encounter that message; all the components of your web marketing mix should mesh with one another in a holistic fashion.

This starts by defining your business in a consistent fashion. For example, the keywords you choose as part of your search engine optimization should also be the keywords you purchase for your PPC advertising—and should also form the basis of the copy for your online ads and press releases and Twitter feed.

That extends to using the same images and themes in all your online media. Your display advertising should look and feel like your website and blog; your YouTube videos should carry the same graphics and color scheme as your email newsletters. It’s all about being consistent.

That doesn't mean, however, that you can't adapt your message for the medium. PPC ads and tweets, for example, demand much less copy than do promotional emails and web pages. Your message and image have to reflect how they're being delivered; given the unique qualities of each online medium, you can't be a slave to consistency.

You should also strive to exploit the unique features of each medium. For example, you can put together a contest on YouTube that encourages viewers to submit their own videos for your newest product; this is not a campaign that is easily mirrored in other online media.

The point is, all of your online media need to work together. They have to convey a consistent message and image, and should not send conflicting messages to your customer base. Your online marketing strategy should be a consistent whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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